Choosing The Right Roof for Your Home

Knowing the various kinds of roof tiles for the roof is a must for you who want to build a dwelling dream. Because the views of its functionality, it is very important.

When you build a house, surely you should also pay attention to the quality of the roof. because the selection of roof is essential to protect you and your family from the influence of natural conditions. ranging from construction to form material selection should be the right one.

nice roofing

Moreover, a house serves to protect the humans from the influence of surrounding conditions (nature), as a container for daily activities and as a place to rest. If seen from the function, the selection of the construction of the roof is very important. You don’t want to, not when the roof is always problematic and interfere with comfort when at home.

The selection of the appropriate roof construction material also makes it easy for You to take care of the roof in a long period of time. Let alone the tile on the roof directly in touch with the natural conditions such as heat and rain. If the wrong tile will be quickly damaged.

choose roofing

Moreover, the current tile roof materials many outstanding in a variety of types and prices. This is, certainly makes you confused to determine what kind of tile suitable for Your roof construction.

In closing the home, tile selection must be precise. because wrong in choosing, at risk against the power of the tile itself. If false or not knowing the type of tile that are suitable for the roof. The leaking problem, can not send temperatures well will haunt your comfort family.

new roofing

So that is not wrong in choosing the tile that matches the needs of your roof construction.

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Modern Home With Garage on The Roof

Car Park House in Los Angeles, USA by anonymous Architects applying traditional house layout but in reverse. While many homes have garages below or even underground, this home has a garage roof. To get to the main room, the occupant of the house do not rise to the top but drops down.

Because local requirements requires that two private parking space for each House, the architect behind the design decided to take advantage of the mountainous landscape and build a house down, below the Summit of the Hill. This makes it possible to put an open garage on the roof.

Car Park House01

Creative Car Park House Design with Underground Garage Hydraulic System

Creative Car Park House Design with Underground Garage Hydraulic System

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Modern Zen House Designs

modern zen house designs

modern zen house designs

Probably many of you new first heard about Zen-style home interior design. The Zen style itself is simple, minimalist home decor style is typically applied in houses of traditional Japan to create an atmosphere of quiet, peaceful, comfortable and close to nature. Meaning of the word Zen himself when interpreted in the language of Indonesia is “meditation”, meaning that creating tranquility, relaxation, harmony and balance.

Then how do I create a simple minimalist House interior design à la Zen that can relieve stress and give you peace in between the bustle of everyday? Yuk, consider the following tips for short!

-Use the earthiness colors such as Brown, grey, white, beige, soft pink, green or soft. With soft colors and in accordance with nature will make the room feels soothing and comfortable.

Use colors grounded for simple décor à la Japan Zen

-Use a Parquet wooden flooring, Bamboo Mats or Rugs, Wool to create warmth and natural atmosphere in the room.

Use the Parquet wood flooring, Bamboo Mats or Rugs, Wool to create warmth and natural atmosphere in the room.

-Use only soft fabrics which are comfortable and simple, such as wool, linen and cloth with simple shapes and colors for the window curtain, bedspread, blanket or tablecloth. Avoid bright colors and patterns of fabrics that have a lot of lace or a picture because it is too lively and can eliminate the comfortable impression.

Use only soft fabrics which are comfortable and simple, for simple décor à la Japan Zen

-Choose simple furniture and colours are soft, like a minimalist sofa beautiful white or beige Brown, wooden chairs and chairs bamboo with simple shapes come pretty pillow white, simple wood cabinetry with no engraving, etc.

Select simple furniture and soft colour, for simple décor à la Japan Zen

-Don’t get too many embellishments, such as too much display of paintings on the walls, photos on the table, or other decorations are unnecessary, because in addition to less tidy will also make a home look crowded. The main principle of the Zen style decor is simplicity and serenity. Better replace display festive with newfangled simple ornament comes from nature, such as ornate floral or greenery complemented ornament small stones and crystal clear waters.

Never too much decoration, simply replace with natural ornaments such as pebbles and plants in Zen style homes Japan

-Use as much natural light and soft. Multiply the sunlight into the House by making a large Windows. In addition to efficient electricity during the day, the circulation of fresh air from the outside into ever more smoothly and will surely make the families living in them to be healthy. At night, use lights with soft lighting that is not too flashy. To create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom could buy a lamp that resembles the flame of a candle or electric candle to give the impression of a quiet and romantic.

Use natural light as much as possible and gently for simple décor à la Japan Zen

To create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom could buy a lamp that resembles the flame of a candle or electric candle to give the impression of calm and romantic décor simple à la Japan Zen

-Use a deodorizer or your favorite aroma therapy to increase the atmosphere relaxes and fun.

-Avoid distractions such as electronics commotion brought about TVs, radios, computers and more. We recommend placing the electronic objects in space, such as the family room or workspace. For in the bedroom should not have to put the TV to provide a good quality of sleep for its inhabitants.

Avoid distractions of electronic objects to create a good quality of sleep

Post-ornamental plants in small pots on the ends of the room or post a simple flower in a vase on the table to give the impression of cool and natural. Bonsai plants, large terrarium ornament pendants, and other beautiful plants could be an option.

Pajang ornamental plants to give the impression of cool minimalist Zen-style home in Japan

Pajang ornamental plants to give the impression of cool minimalist Zen-style home in Japan

-Keep the room tidy and create free space as much as possible by removing unnecessary objects from home. It is useful to create the impression of airy and spacious so you can be free and freely moving in the House.

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Wooden House With Naturally Garden Design

The Garden House is the part that is able to embellish the front of the house. A beautiful garden is a dream for everyone. The function of the front garden of the house front side beautify is indeed the page. The garden is not just for big house, simple house can combined with beautiful garden. Small House indeed has only the front area which is not too extensive, but at least still can be arranged into a park. So there is no reason that hinders the creation of children at home, even if home is simple. Minimalist garden home front will be suitable for such circumstances.

The concept of a stone and wood for the minimalist front of House Garden

There are many options for designing a dynamic garden style to change the appearance of your house. The right concept is the very basic things before committing to the creation of the park. The concept of the garden preferably not much different from your home. This is the most appropriate way. For a simple small home, small home garden design is one of the most suitable. The size of the Park is indeed quite small, however, this measure does not mean suffocating and random. Instead, the garden front of the dainty look attractive and beautify your home is small and simple.

The main ingredients of making garden is natural stone and wood. Both can be combined with stylish.

Natural Stones

The main task of these rocks is beautified the grounds with natural style. The Park will be memorable as a natural area that blends in with your home. Another reason is a matter of hygiene. When it rained, water splash usually make the surroundings become dirty. This will not happen if the land covered with natural stones though the rain water is so dense it down.

Then, you can still look at the beauty of nature through the front garden of the House after the rain. Even the typical freshness of nature will be more clear after we rain. The stones were to be laid out as neat as possible coherent with the ground.

Further, in order to increasingly varied apply stones of different types with proper placement. Suppose the base color is Black Rock Park, but the middle section was given a blend of white color or various colors to form a certain image motifs such as flowers. Flower motif is one of the best option because it was united with the naturalness of plants in the garden.


Wood material is used more as ornaments. Wood is often used for shelf place the pot-a pot plant. Usually this place shaped stage. This makes the pot-the pot plants can be styled neatly.

Minimalist Home Garden Supply Freshness

Green areas, either in nature or around the House, have been reduced. This is expected to be closer to extinction in the future. In order for the green areas are not really missing, one of them is making a minimalist garden behind the House as an alternative to the front garden of the House. The function of the Park is becoming increasingly complex because it is not just a matter of the beauty of the outdoor space but also a source of fresh air. If you’ve had a year of this important function, don’t ever hesitate to change the empty land in the back of the House into a green garden. Make your garden efficiently with a touch of minimalist modern at the same time.

garden minimalist

wood house design

garden house

wooden garden house


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Flinstone House Design

The House in the cave like the Flintstones cartoon series is one that goes into the House with a unique design idea according to the team. How not, home-inspired cartoon series The Flintstones. Actually using furniture and properties that describe the atmosphere in the cave. Unique and certainly interesting!

Although designed in typical atmosphere of the cave, but the impression of luxury in this unique residence not to miss. The owner is a Dick Clark and his wife. They are planning on selling a home this modern version of cave worth 3.5 million dollars. The Flintstones home value not only lies in its design, but on the scenery and atmosphere around the House.

Flinstone house design

From the House You can see the scenery of the sea and also the mountains from all angles, because of the strategic position. Surrounding the House is surrounded by natural landscapes, so it seemed to actually be in the wild.

Through a large window, the Pacific Ocean, the Boney, Channel Islands, Serrano Valley and Los Angeles also seemed so obvious. In this House the eyes can see off comfortably. Home location Flintstones belonged to Dick Clark is only a few minutes from the beach.

Flinstone House

The living room and the dining room comes with the issuance of hollow ceiling. Although widespread, this House just had one bedroom and two bathrooms. Fair enough, its just a pair of husband and wife. This unique and beautiful home is perfect for a romantic getaway couples.

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Wooden House Designs

wooden house

We offer the wooden house devotees to have seismic tremor safe house. Yes, the wooden house is going to withstand quakes. That is the reason in Japan, the houses were made of wood given continuous quakes in Japan consistently. Suppose it is possible that the wooden house was taken out of Japan. well, most likely you will have the capacity to have a wooden house with a novel outline. Next to of seismic tremor safe, the wooden house likewise outlandish to be a private family home or to be made in the manor.

There are numerous sorts of wood that can be utilized to make wooden house. For example, ironwood, is a sort of great hardwood due to its quality, which is likewise primarily on the grounds that they make iron wood termite safe wooden house we could make due in quite a while.

Our whole wooden house made of wood with iron high power levels where we likewise ensure that the quality of a wooden house you live in, the thing to recall is we give your prerequisites to wooden houses are not only a manor involved for a brief time, additionally your home that you experience without fail, so you feel sheltered and agreeable stay all the time in you’re home.

Wooden house will give the back to regular impression. It is extremely fitting for you who cherishes life in nature. Wooden house like what you need? Exemplary outline would be exceptionally pleasant to be an estate. Normally comprises of a story and is outlined like a basic cabin or a gazebo.

Wooden house with present day style will likewise be more agreeable to live. These models as a rule have 2 or more floors and its size was bigger. Regular shading wood with particular veining and surface which will reflect light making an one of a kind visual impacts, fascinating, and characteristic.

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Designing Minimalist House

minimalist house Designing minimalist house is not so difficult, we just need some references and creativity to create innovation. Designing a house with a narrow land is actually easier than having enough land. This is because you do not need to use a lot of furniture or interior ornament that too much can be difficult for you to manage it. You just need some simple furniture for home and interior design is simple to look elegant in designing your pretty little house.

To avoid the room seem cramped, avoid using dark colors on the walls of your small home. In designing a small house, Try to use light colors so the room looks spacious, bright and impressive. For example, the yellow color. Yellow will give you a sense of the vast interior.

You can use a mirror to create a sense in the room. In designing a small house, you can put a mirror on the dining table, living room, and kitchen. With the design of the space mirror creates a powerful effect.

minimalist home

You can design a small house using small furniture. Size of the furniture should be adjusted to the size of your home so that the impression of space is still visible in your small home. If you use the furniture, it will look cramped in your small home. For example, in the dining room, in designing a small house, you can use a small table placed against the wall and comes with four chairs.

Avoid choosing furniture that is heavy and thick. In designing a small house, you can use the furniture is thin and has shaped frame design. Suppose for television rack, you can choose furniture with legs, not full frame design to the floor.

Try to maximize the use of furniture for storage. Suppose that in designing a small house, making the drawer under the bed, credenza, or sofa. They can store a variety of items so your room still looks neat and you do not need to create a storage shelf.

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